The Story Of Yanxi Palace

The story of Yanxi Palace On March 2, 2020, full HD replay HD in the sixth year of Emperor Qianlong (Nie Yuan), Wei Ying Luo (Wu Jinyan) went to the Forbidden City as a maid of the Forbidden City to investigate the death of her sister.

Story of Yanxi Palace

After learning that the emperor’s brother, Hong Yao, was linked to the case, she vowed to be completely impartial. After the sudden death of Emperor Fuheng (Qin Lan), Wei Yingluo became the emperor’s woman and was awarded the title of Consort Ling. She recalled the teachings of Empress Foca, embodying all qualities of virtue, and supported the emperor until his death.

Yanxi Palace Story March 2, 2020, is Pinoy tambayan‘s most important Pinoy TV show. This analogy is very suitable because even in the golden age, there are some Pinoy teleserye that people do not like. The story of Yanxi Palace March 2, 2020, is different from other stories of Pinoy Channel.

It combines the essence of love, hate, and thriller, and makes a series of hit movies. You see, people love each other, and people hate each other. There will be suspense and some exciting, chilling scenes. However, all in all, what matters is the Pinoy tambayan story of Yanxi Palace on March 2, 2020.

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