The Crown Princess Pinoy Tambayan HD Episodes

The Crown Princess is a Thai TV series that premiered on May 14, 2018, and finally aired on Pinoy Tambayan Channel 3 on June 19, 2018. The play is starring Urassaya Sperbund and Nadech Kugimiya by Ann Thongprasom.

Pinoy Tambayan

The series has only 12 episodes, but each episode is about an hour and a half. You would think it would be boring to watch a lengthy plot, but I don’t find it annoying because there are many things in each scenario.

The royal princess is a love between a royal princess and her Thai bodyguard without destroying others who have not finished the show. She is closely followed by the throne of the fictional kingdom Hrysos (though apparently with Asian royalties, it looks like a place in Europe). The princess went to Thailand for diplomatic activities and threatened her life (because she was the next one after the throne). She was forced to hide under the protection of Lieutenant Divin, and a commander appointed as a bodyguard.

I like the series because one of the reasons I hate local TV series is that they last too long, and even if the quality of the story is sacrificed in the process, the popular series is dragged to the last breath. The romantic angle of a famous lady and her bodyguard has been completed, but I like the princess of this series and never overthrow it. She is not the typical distress woman: she can take care of herself and fight alongside protectors if necessary.

There are several sub-pictures in the series centered around my favorite auxiliary characters. Usually, I hate this kind of sub-story in this kind of TV series, because they are too far away from the main story, but in this show, other stories are complementary to the central drama, so I don’t mind. I like another possible romantic plot in this show, and the development of this romantic plot is not forced or embarrassing (Allen and Pan). I think if they want to break up the show, that’s the story between the two.

A big mystery in the show is who wants to kill the crown prince. In the end, this is a big guessing game. I think coming up with all the possibilities, which ultimately is one of the essential parts of the show. It’s hard to guess who is responsible!

All the actors in the show were fine. I especially like the actors who play Prince Allen and Princess Kate. I think they showed an actual performance, and to be honest, I found their role more challenging than the protagonist. It’s clear from their performance that Allen and Kate’s roles have improved. On the other hand, the actor must show their motor skills in several scenes and give the fans some romantic moments. The “Keeling” factor of these two factors is not on the chart!

The series also provides insights into mental illness, the relationship between parents and children, and leadership. I like to include these elements in the show. Not all romance and drama. There is more.

I like this series. I hope to discover and enjoy more programs from Thailand in the future. The report also mentions that the princess prince is currently broadcasting in the Philippines and has been well received and praised.

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