Pamilya Ko Pinoy Tambayan Latest Episodes

Pamilya Ko is a 2019 Pinoy Tambayan series starring JM de Guzman, ArciMuñoz, Joey Marquez, Rosanna Roces, and Sylvia Sanchez. The series premiered at ABS-CBN’s primetime Bida evening on September 9, 2019, and premiered globally on the Philippine Channel.

Pinoy Tambayan

As the name suggests, Pamilya Ko is still a family drama that reveals the daily challenges and struggles of a large family. It stars JM de Guzman, Kiko Estrada, Kid Yambao, Jairos Aquino, Maris Racal, Kira Balinger, Mutya Orquia, and Raikko Mateo. With such an extensive lineup, you will find it challenging to grab the story of each character.

Pamilya Ko’s story maintains its consistency and cohesion, adding a few surprises here and there. TV shows usually don’t talk about or even address topics such as mental health issues and sexual harassment. But this home theater surprised us with valuable content that surprised everyone.

The show shows the unfortunate possibility of rape

Racal eavesdropped on her adult brother and mother, talking about how they got into debt because of some struggles. To help her family, she accepted a model performance by Dominic Roque. She persisted in taking pictures, not knowing what David planned for something terrible to her.

David persuaded Peachy to put on a bathing suit to take pictures, and if she got the show, the money was a lot of money. During the photoshoot, David also instructed her to look seductive. Together with the other models in the dressing room, she changed into a swimsuit and was ready to shoot. Unfortunately, David and his guys have been filming these models and selling them on the Internet.

The show shows that rapists can be one of the people you trust.

After sending a disgusting and perverted message, David used Page’s photos to send her home. Peachy’s name is Betty (ArciMuñoz), and she finally understands that she is in a scam. The pervert plans to invite ambitious models like her to take pictures. Peachy extorted her, feeling that she had to meet him, or her photos would be posted on the Internet.

However, she was too late. David has uploaded a picture of her and told her he didn’t know that a crew member was a pervert. Hysterically, Peach accepted David’s glass of water. On the other hand, the water contained drugs, which made her feel weak and unresponsive.

The show conveys the true story of drugs and rape.

Page was caught in David’s trap. He had taken her to the bedroom and unbuttoned the top of her clothes. Begged David not to do anything to her, she tried to fight him. Fortunately, Chico (De Guzman) and Bailey (Estrada) arrived even before David had a chance to rape her.

Unfortunately, many victims do not have two protective brothers to save them from this fate. They had to lie there, fight the harassers, and try to find their way. Sometimes it’s not like Peachy; she still knows her surroundings. Sometimes things all turn black, and victims don’t know how or where they got there.

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