Make It with You

Make It with You is a 2020 Philippine drama TV series starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. The series premiered on ABS-CBN’s primetime Bida evening on January 13, 2020, and premiered globally through the Philippine Channel to replace Starla.

Make It with You

First episode: January 13, 2020

Production locations: Croatia; Philippines

Composer: David Gates

Directors: Cathy Garcia-Molina, Theodore Boborol

Genres: Drama, Romance

Make It with You is a story about two dissimilar persons. Although they have different priorities in life, they find love with each other. But after a series of encounters in the country of Croatia, they will have to decide whether this is a love worth choosing.

Manila, Philippines-Liza Soberano, and Enrique Gil are making a TV comeback with their new show, “Make It with You.” The first thing people observe at a December 6 press conference is their “body shift.”

According to Liza, they attributed it to director Cathy Garcia-Molina, who shot the first few episodes of the show with them in Croatia.

“It’s similar as she (Kathy) has been production our appearance very different from the previous stereotypes. Like if you noticed that my hair is a bit like Agnes (her role in Forevermore), but this time it is colored. Yes, Palang, I don’t know. When you see curls in Croatia with beautiful lights and scenery, it will give parang a different visual experience. It talks about the character of our characters.

Liza admits to “fighting” with her character Billie because it is very different from her previous role.

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“I confess that this is a stressed career, because I haven’t been borrowed for some time since the Alone Together operation (because I’m not around because of the process.) Everything at Parang is new to me. But struggling … I’m having a hard time recovering, but Derek Cathy has been guiding us, and I did some research before shooting because Derek Cathy told me to watch the movie Irene Bro Kovic, because she wants my character to be as free-spirited as she is. “

Enrique has more information about Liza, or Hopie, who is closest to her, and words about simple life. He revealed that he wanted to do business with her. Both of them have longed for a long time. He wanted to play zombie action with her. He hopes to spend more time with his family while still being able to provide them with life as they do now.

Make It with You Today’s Full Episode

Although Enrique settled and was satisfied with his current position, he was never complacent. He dreams more, hopes more, but at the same time: after all, he wants life to be simple. Like Gabo, he was passionate, but the most significant difference was that Enrique found what he wanted—a loving family, a successful career, and love around him.

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