Magandang Buhay

Magandang Buhay is a Philippine morning talk show on ABS-CBN. The show premiered on April 18, 2016, and is currently airing on the network’s Umaganda in the morning from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM on every working day. It is also broadcast globally via TFC.


Production locations: Studio 9, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Diliman, Quezon City

Language: Filipino

Presented by: Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros, Jolina Magdangal


Magandang Buhay


It turns out that since it debuted on April 18, it has maintained high ratings and has been popular on social media, so the lively, lively talk show has exceeded expectations and resonated with the audience.

What appealing elements or ingredients of this morning morning’s talk show made it indeed a great watch?


1) The host is sincere and kind and helpful

Although the combination of Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros and Jolina Magdangal may seem strange at first glance, they have become effective the talk show host not only asked the guests the right and relevant questions but also made sincere contacts with them. This is because, despite their unique personality and kindness, they transcend the prepared script and have excellent chemical reactions.


2) Relatable stories from guests

When the guests in the show became featured, they were not far off-all praises praised their talents and achievements. They talk about personal stories, dreams, interests, and activities we all share. When Daniel Padilla discussions about intimacy and the desire for his “first love” at any given moment, we are all intoxicated. We were also touched by how KC Concepcion kept in touch with his half-sisters, Frankie and Miel, and shared true sibling-like love. And, how a happy married Richard Yap suggested the now single Jodi Sta. How Maria found true love. Indeed, our eyes and ears stick together.

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3) It has been fun since Day 1

The festive atmosphere is filled with joy on everyone’s face, not to mention the host’s wit and humor make it a pleasure to watch this performance every day. Emotions increase the appeal of the show and help to communicate their message to the audience effectively.


4) Guests are “naked.”

No one can resist the talk show. In this talk show, guests are regarded as “naked,” show their true selves, and even frankly answer the most difficult questions. The scene of Police Officer Ganda caused many surprising revelations when he appeared as a guest, especially his simple roots, how they made a living by selling rags, and how his father was still fleeing. The murderer was murdered.


5) As the title declares, it’ sits about achieving the good life

The real meaning of Magandang Buhay is: no morning TV show or talk show can be provided, and its actual title is: learn valuable lessons and live a good life. The exhibit showcases incredible, fascinating, and sometimes shocking facts about celebrity guests going through to enhance, enhance, and enrich the lives of viewers. This was evident in Cara’sCara’s former partner Rommel Padilla and proved that they still share the “good life” there as son Daniel.


There is no doubt that Magandang Buhay can not only improve your morning but also bring you the inspiration you need for the day to enrich your life.

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