Madrasta Pinoy Tambayan Latest Episodes

Madrasta is a Pinoy Tambayan series broadcast by GMA Network. It was directed by Monti Parungao and starred in Arra San Agustin. It premiered in the network’s Afternoon Prime series on October 7, 2019, replacing Dahil sa Pag-ibig.


First episode: October 7, 2019

Final event: February 21, 2020

Director: Monti Parungao

Genre: Drama

Network: GMA Network

Madrasta is a 2019 Philippine TV series broadcast by GMA Network. It was directed by Monti Parungao and starred in Arra San Agustin. It premiered on the network’s Afternoon Prime lineup on October 7, 2019, replacing Dahil sa Pag-ibig. The series ends on February 21, 2020, with a total of 100 episodes. During its period, it was replaced by Bilangin ang Bituin sa Langit. The series marks the return of Almira Muhlach’s performance on the web twelve years later.

After being returned to the Philippines, Audrey almost gave up her ambitions and met Sean, who would be abandoned by his wife Katharine and the children. Audrey will support him change on, and they will eventually fall in love. Catherine will ultimately return to Sean’s life to make money, leading to a clash between Catherine and Audrey.

The main background of the series takes place in and around Metro Manila. The collection also features Taal in Batangas Province and Toronto, Canada.

Manila Light Rail Transit System Line 2 also appeared in some episodes. The Nagtahan Interchange in Manila is also unique.


Madrasta is the empowering story of Audrey, who almost gave up her dream after being deported from abroad. Then, Sean, she believed in her potential and had a chance with her.

When Sean’s wife, Katharine, abandoned him and their children, he fell to the bottom. Audrey will help him pick up the pieces, and eventually, they fall in love. Soon she became the second mother of the children.

But Sean, this sly and wily wife, came back with an agenda-reunited with Sean. As a result, the battle between Audrey and Catherine, the struggle between the good Madrasta and the evil wife, began.

Madrasta also highlighted the individual involvement of Isabelle de Leon, who was two friends of Audrey and stole George from George. Ahron Villena, as Katharine’s love and why she decided to leave Sean Gian; Anjo Damiles as Audrey George’s ex-boyfriend, she deceived her.

Audrey (Arra) is a nurse who dreams of working abroad to provide for her struggling family. To lift her family out of poverty, she decided to apply for and obtain a work visa in Canada. When Audrey was in a difficult situation, she was deported home, obtained illegal documents, and the world collapsed. At the lowest point, she crossed the road with plastic surgeon Juancho, who helped her get up again by hiring her to work in the clinic. 

Later, Audrey found that Sean’s wife, Catherine (Thea), had deceived him, and eventually, she left him to find another man. This time, Audrey became the crystallization of Sean’s rock and romance. After Katharine left, Audrey replaced her as the mother of Sean’s child and won a special place in his heart. When Catherine returned and regained her place in the life of Sean and her children, fate played a cruel trick.

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