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Descendants of the Sun is a 2016 Korean TV series starring Song Chongji, Song Hye Kyo, Kim, and Kim Ji Won. It aired 16 episodes on KBS2 from February 24 to April 14, 2016.

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Korean drama blockbuster “Descendants of the Sun” is an indispensable watch for all K drama fans, and can be enjoyed by both men and women because unlike many other K dramas, it can’t be limited to the description of “chick throwing.” It has many delicious ingredients that will please both men and women: girl romance, military battles, many action shots, international politics, and conspiracy against men, and both men and women like to show humor in performances.

Descendants of The Sun February , 12 2020 Episode

Lead author Kim Eun Sook has an excellent track record, including The Secret Garden, The Heirs and Lovers of Paris, and The Dignity of a Gentleman. “Descendants of the Sun” has the highest national ratings nationwide, about 35% to 38%, and about 40% to 41% in Seoul. It has also been exported to 32 countries so that it can attract tens of thousands of K-drama enthusiasts worldwide.

The Story:

The operation began in North Korea, with Captain Liu Shizhen (Song Chongji) named as part of the Alpha Service by the Korean Special Forces Elite and Sergeant Major General Xu Jinying (Jingu). A covert military operation against North Korean soldiers. Si Jin fought a North Korean soldier in actual combat (the actor Ji Shengxian-the star was born and liked his deep voice and unique facial features), but in essence, they agreed to stop fighting before anyone was killed. Allow soldiers to live peacefully with their comrades-in-arms. (Interestingly, the Chinese Communist Party insisted on cutting out the scene before allowing the show to be viewed in its own country!)
Descendants of The Sun February , 24 2020 Episode
It is speculated that special forces soldiers Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Seo Dae Yeong (Jin Goo), who has been dead for a year, were reborn at the beginning of the episode due to a reunion with doctor girlfriends (Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won). Descent 16.

Soon, these guys returned to the South Korean military headquarters and brainstormed-in fact, it was more accurate to call it “braiddrizzling”-in their report, the capture and torture of foreign militiamen.

“At this point, I think everything we write will disappear. What we need is a perfect balance between reality and drama,” said Captain Yoo, who suggested that the movie could be copied from it.

This is the end. After a series of close shaves and ominous warnings, Captain Yoo’s face and sense of humor were intact. What else do global K-drama fans want?
Descendants of The Sun February Today’s Full Episode
It’s also that writer Kim Eun Sook gave himself a free pass and distributed a lesser drama than a buzz-filled TV show as boys and girls continue to work, date, quarrel, joke and plan holidays-like Most of the outcomes for ordinary adults are sugary and flat, like carbonated drinks that have been on for too long.

“Descendants of the Sun” is indeed an experience not to be missed, not just drama. Due to its global influence, it may be the most popular Korean drama in history when you count all the popular shows that the show has already watched online internationally. I am sure I will watch it multiple times over the next few years. It is in my top ten and will probably always be there. The music is also great, although I could have reduced vocal songs and focused more on instrumental works. These pieces of music support scenes, rather than overwhelming them as quickly as singing songs. By far, my favorite song is Always by Yoonmirae. Never get tired of it.

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